Robotics and Flight Operations



Read it, understand it or your not fit to call yourself a pilot.


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  • The Pilots Oath
  • The MultiWiicopter team 34 commandments
  • Colonel John Richard Boyds OODA loop
  • Hauptmann Oswald Boelcke’s List of Fighter Tactics:
  • The “Dicta Boelcke” for the Safe Flying of Drones. (The Multi-Wii-Copter team’s 34 commandments for Safety.)
  • Terrifying Flight lessons. (Video examples of poor piloting.)




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Here are JP Aerospace’s  high altitude testing and flights which we assist with.





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Electric motors, servos and stepper motors are an important part of any robotics platform. We use these motors for all different purposes.

  • Basic collection of motors.
  • Robotic spool for drones
  • 3D printed gears
  • Repurposed antenna arm.