Remote Sensing

At GreenBOT Dynamics we believe the future of robotics is largely dependent on sensory systems and payloads, not necessarily the machines themselves. Though the capabilities of robotic machines of all types will continue to improve, its what the robots can do once they arrive at a given location that determines their usefulness or their ability to replace an already proven manned system. Taking physical objects to and from a location will also prove valuable.

In short, The value added from the use of a drone is the ability to reach into a given situation, capture data, turn that data into information, then use that information for decision making by humans. Our company has been formed specifically for this purpose.

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Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

side by side AB

Left, NDVI post processed showing photosynthetic to false color image. Right, true RGB image. both cameras sit side by side and are simultaneously triggered.


side by side CD

Left, “infra-blue” gel filter with NDVI false color overlay. Right, original “infra-blue” image through blue # 74 filter, unprocessed image.