Nissan Leaf EV Battery

Nissan leaf battery


I saw a long list of EV battery modules on Ebay in the midst of my EV car research, and thought whoa ! i could evaluate its internals and use it for my drones and other robotic projects.I think with a 3C output that means 100 Amps which does seem plausible when attempting to lift a drone. I just dont know how to cool it off.



The module in OEM form. Used 75 US$.

Some OEM module specs :

Case: Formed thin aluminum sheet metal.
Type: Pouch, 4 cells. 32.5 Ah and 3.75 V per cell.

Circuit: 2 series 2 parallel
7.6 volts nominal, 60 to 90 amp normal output.

Mass 3.787 kg (8.4 pounds)
Dimensions : 22.2cm W x 30.7cm L x 3.7cm H

Cathode = LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode = Graphite




Striped down to the bare pouches.

Specs after liberation :

Mass 3.293 kg (7.3 pounds)
Dimensions (Cell Stack): 21.6cm W x 29.2cm L x 3.3cm H
Mass removed = 493 g (1.1 pounds)
14.6 % lighter.
Connecting bars : 0.252 cm^2 several centimeters long. Seemed to be harder to cut than natural copper. (Appx 3 or 4 awg.)