Links and Supporters

General Links:

  • Uzzors2k  Micro-controllers, high voltage devices, robotics and similar topics.
  •  When you need sensors, micro-controllers and help on a good forum, this is a good place to start.
  •  If your involved in anything remote controlled, this is where you need to start, especially flight related work.
  •  The forum is the usual research and experimentation page. This includes high voltage, electric ion  propulsion, power supplies and so on.
  • IARC  World class aerial robotic competition where college students from around the world compete in autonomous robotics.
  • A Main Hobbies  Online and in Chico, CA hobby store for all things remote control.
  • Spark Fun  Embedded systems, sensors, micro-controllers and a whole lot more.
  • Springs  All types of mechanical springs, including math and application.
  • 2 Drone Gals For those interested in business and image flying. Very nice site.


  • Redding RC and Hobby   All things hobby related, not just a store, but a full fabrication and aerodrome facility.
    Alot of our test flights are done here.
  • Ash Creek Airfield   Ash Creek RC airfield. A very nice site to counduct fun or other flying.Dedicated paved runway, metal roof and tables for pre-flight, parking and clear area in every direction. (AMA insurance required)
  • Shasta College   A community college where we do many experiments – excellent professoriate. Small colleges are often more willing to cooperate in unusual endeavours compared to larger instutuitions. Smaller colleges are also willing to approved or reject requests sooner as well.