High Voltage Engineering

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Low speed high voltage measurement device. This device is a simple voltage divider meant to operate at 1kHz or less. It can report to a DMM or oscilloscope.





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High voltage probes become important when verifying insulation, evaluating life cycles of products and other field-geometry related issues. These particular types will also be used for pulsing DC multi-phased research as well.




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These Tektronics probes are important in the understanding of probe construction. There are 3 examples of highly successful and widely used probes that are studied here, the P6015A, P6015 and P6013.




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All types of insulation are examined here, gaseous, liquid and solid. Historic examples are also discussed.





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  • Calculations







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Special transformers

  • Television Flybacks
  • Ignition coils
  • Planar ferrite transformers.





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