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We’re Headstrong Rebels With a Cause.

Saving humanity from the tyranny of gravity.


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Introduction :

  • , Skunk Works
  • Colonel John “40 second” Boyd
  • Jack Northrop.

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Influencing Ideas


  • Ishikawa diagram
  • Air Force Doctrine Document 1-1, Leadership and Force Development


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Historical Events Studied


  • SL-1 Fatal Nuclear Reactor accident.
  • Chernobyl reactor.
  • Space shuttle Challenger, Columbia and other STS missions. NASA poor decision making models.
  • R101 airship.
  • tin can battle of “taffy 3″  (October 23-26, 1944)
  • Capt. “Sully” and putting an A320 in the Hudson.
  • 3-mile island and Fukushima nuclear incidents.
  • Tylenol recall and product safety for consumer products.
  • The Greeks.
  • The Chinese, Xenophon and his engineering.